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What to Expect During Your Garage Door Installation

Did you know 63 percent of all homes have a garage or carport? When you consider the many benefits of a safe place to store your vehicles, this high percentage may not seem so surprising. Even more convenient are garages with electronically opened doors.

Electronic garage doors are those that move up or down at the push of a button. They allow you to open your door from the comfort of your vehicle. Your vehicles also stay safer when stored in an area with four enclosed sides.

If you’ve considered garage door installation, you likely have a lot of questions about the process. Continue reading below to learn what you should expect before, during, and after the installation process.

Pre-Installation Inspection

You probably googled “garage door installation near me” and went through a handful of companies before finding the one you wanted to work with. Before the actual installation can occur, your chosen company sends out a technician for a pre-installation inspection.

During this inspection, they’ll evaluate the worksite. The technician will inspect your garage to get an idea of what the job will encompass since each installation presents unique challenges. The size of your garage door will be confirmed, and an appointment for installation will be scheduled.

If you have any questions about garage door installation cost, now is the time to ask them. Any questions or concerns about the installation needing addressed ahead of time can also be discussed before the technician leaves.

How You Can Prepare for Your New Garage Door Installation

Before your appointment, you’ll want to ensure your garage is ready. A few things you can do to prepare for your new garage door include:

  • Remove all vehicles from inside the garage the day before
  • Get rid of any clutter in or near the work area
  • Do a quick clean of the work area
  • Choose where the garage door opener will go
  • Choose the location of any wall consoles (if applicable)

You should also address any concerns the technician had during his pre-installation inspection. Sometimes there are no concerns. If there were any, the technician might not be able to perform the installation until you correct them.

Garage Door Installation Process

The installation process appears simple on paper, but it’s actually a complex project where absolute precision is required. If something is installed incorrectly, it can lead to severe injuries or even death. The risk to family and pets is the most crucial reason to hire a professional to install your garage door.

The process begins by removing the old door, if applicable. The technicians will dispose of the old door and any related hardware so you don’t have to worry about it. Then, they’ll take the following steps:

  • Install the drive unit, which is responsible for holding the motor lift and lowering the door
  • Attach the track
  • The mounting bracket is attached to the end of the track
  • Install a beam above the door opening
  • Attach the motor to the beam in the ceiling
  • Feed motor wires from the ceiling into a wall switch
  • Install infrared sensors to detect path obstructions
  • Connect the garage door to the opening
  • Garage door opener installation in the chosen location
  • Install wall consoles, if applicable

The best thing you can do while your garage door is installed is to allow the technicians room to work. Installing such a large piece of moving machinery is dangerous. There are other things you can do to help the process move along smoothly, as discussed below.

What You Can Do During the Process

You should remember to be home on the day of your appointment since the technicians will need access to your garage. It’s essential to stay out of the garage during the installation so you don’t get placed in harm’s way. If you have pets or children, make sure they don’t have access to the garage.

Be available for the technicians in case any questions or concerns arise during the installation. While it’s unlikely, some things can go wrong which will need your input.

After the Installation

Once the garage door’s been installed, the project isn’t over. The installers will thoroughly test your door to ensure everything is working smoothly and is safe for your family.

After the safety check, you’ll have a chance to ask the technicians any questions you have. They can offer valuable information on how to take care of your new garage door. The technician will also tell you signs to look for that indicate your door needs repair or replacement down the road.

If You Notice Anything Out of the Ordinary

Directly following installation, you shouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary with your new garage door. However, if you feel something is wrong, it’s always better to call so you can have it checked out. While problems after installation are rare, they aren’t impossible.

As your new garage door ages, it may need repairs to continue operating safely and effectively. It’s important to fix issues as they come up by contacting a professional. Correcting problems as they occur isn’t only safer and more cost-efficient but can also extend the life of your door.

Still Have Questions About What to Expect During Your Garage Door Installation?

The garage door installation process may sound easy, but it’s a complex task that requires absolute precision. Although the best thing you can do is stay out of the way, there are a few ways you can make the process go smoother, as described above.

Do you still have questions about what to expect during your garage door installation? Or would you like to set up a consultation to have a new garage door installed at your home?

Contact us today. One of our team members would be happy to answer any questions you still have. They can also set you up an appointment if desired.