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Garage Door Repair New Haven

Schaefer Door Company offers garage door service and repair in New Haven.

Garage doors that do not work correctly can result in damage to your vehicle and pose danger to your safety. Schaefer Door Company offers easy garage door repair.

Schaefer Door Company is an established partner that has many happy customers. With more than 30+ years of experience, we are a trusted partner. New Haven businessmen and homeowners trust us to provide garage doors and openers. Our garage doors are repaired and maintained.

Schaefer Door Company considers garage doors repair and maintenance very important. Garage doors need to be working at all times. We understand this and we’re here to help. Garage doors are a great way to improve your home’s appearance and provide security and safety for your family. We will make sure your overhead garage doors stay in great condition. Service and repairs are possible for any model of the garage door.

Schaefer Door Company Garage Door Repair New Haven

With our highly trained and certified technicians and installers, we ensure that every customer receives high-quality services and products.

Schaefer Door Company of New Haven can be your garage door professional.

Trusted Repair Quality

Professionally Trained Technicians

Reliable Repair Services

Garage Door Repair

Can’t get your garage door to work? Are you hearing loud or irregular clicking noises from the garage door? Do you hear it make erratic noises or does your garage door stay in one place and go on? Are you noticing a catching point on your door? Does your door have broken components? You don’t know where you can find one. Garage door problems are frustrating every day until they can be fixed.

Garage Door Repair New Haven is available.

Schaefer Door Company offers expert service and repair.

The garage door model that you require to repair in New Haven determines the price. Expert technicians are able to identify and correct almost any problem. After assessing the issue, we will provide you with a repair estimate that includes labor as well as parts. No hidden charges, surprises, or slick sales techniques. Prices for garage doors can vary depending on their condition.

Garage Door Repair New Haven
Garage Door Opener Repair New Haven
Garage door openers: Common problems

Garage Door Opener Repair

Repairs are possible for garage door openers not working correctly. Your motor can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Repairing your motor is cheaper than buying a new one. The parts necessary to fix garage doors or openers can be found in our truck.

Schaefer Door Company can help. Garage technicians from Schaefer Door Company have extensive training and are able to repair or diagnose almost any problems.

Not only do we fix garage doors, but also we replace tons of them. Our trucks have every part needed to repair any type of garage door opener. It is possible to repair motors up to UL325 standards, even if you have an older model. 

You can make your life more simple and safe by changing the features of garage doors openers.

Operators today are easier to use mechanically. The opener’s moving parts are smaller and can be controlled using one motherboard. It is almost identical to your computer. It is important to learn how garage doors are connected and the steps that you can take to resolve them.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair New Haven

Garage door springs could break because of weather fluctuations, insufficient maintenance, or incorrect adjustment. Replace your spring immediately if the door does not move or makes a clicking sound. The process of spring replacement is risky if you don’t have the correct training or equipment. Schaefer Door Company’s highly skilled and experienced technicians will perform the task efficiently, quickly, safely, effectively, and correctly.

The garage door springs may become weaker or break over time due to the extreme pressure they are under. The springs could become weaker over time or may break down after many years. This could make the garage door difficult or unsafe to use.

To repair or replace garage doors springs, it is essential to first identify what model you have. Extension Springs and Torsion Springs are two types of springs that you can choose from.

Tension springs protect the opening of your door. These springs can slide on a steel bar. You can use extension springs to serve the opening of your door. A good garage door service provider should be able to offer the required services. Schaefer Door Company’s professionally-trained technicians can work with both torsion spring and extension spring systems.

Remote & Keypad Programming

You may experience problems with your keypad for your garage door. Schaefer Door Company specialists can fix your garage’s keypad. Many homeowners in New Haven County depend on our services to program their garage doors each year. Our garage door programming service can be used regardless of the make, year, or model.

Schaefer Door Company has both the skills and knowledge necessary to program garage doors keypads. For easy access to your garage door, our technicians will swiftly and efficiently program your keypad with all functionality.

Remote & Keypad Programming New Haven
Garage Door Sensor Repair & Alignment New Haven

Garage Door Sensors Repair & Alignment

You must ensure that your opener is in top working condition. Otherwise, the door may not work correctly. They work together. They are both interdependent. Garage door sensors and openers work in tandem, so it is possible for one to fail while the other may function well.

Garage door sensors come standard in every garage. These sensors are normally mounted 6 inches above the ground. These devices prevent garage doors from accidentally closing on children or pets. Test the function of your sensor by placing an object, such as a roll paper towel, in front. Schaefer Door Company can help you with your concerns if your sensor does not work as it should.

It is possible for the detectors to become out of tune and prevent your garage from closing, even when there are obstructions. An electrical problem can cause your garage door to malfunction and stop functioning halfway. Electrical problems can cause your garage door to stop working. A professional should be consulted immediately to assess the situation. 

Our experts will inspect the garage door sensor, infrared beacon, and other concerns. They will check the wiring of your safety sensor for potential issues. Your sensors will be repaired or replaced if needed. The garage door will open properly once it has been serviced. Our troubleshooting service will often reveal the cause of your problem. An environment that is humid or bluntly traumatizing can cause damage to a photoelectric eye like those on garage door sensors. Sometimes minor problems can cause the sensor not to work properly. Some problems are more serious than others, including electrical issues that can result from improperly or ragged wires.

Replacement Garage Door Parts

No matter whether your goal is to have your garage repaired by yourself, or to improve the functionality of your existing door locks and hinges, we sell parts that can help. Even though you may be able to find the parts you are looking for at your local hardware store you will need professional graded items. This will enable you to make an informed decision about the part you need. Schaefer Door Company helps you to find garage door parts at the lowest price.

Garage Door Track Replacement

Garage door track repair in New Haven. The garage door tracks may be bent or not correctly aligned. This can lead to problems when opening or closing your doors. Schaefer Door Company’s experts have the skills and experience needed to properly repair garage door tracks.

Each overhead door must have metal tracks that guide it in closed or open positions. The garage doors’ rolling wheels are housed on the tracks. Because they are thin and malleable, these metal tracks can easily be bent or damaged.

The replacement of a garage door’s track can be time-consuming. For a complete track installation, remove one side from your garage door. Secure it enough to keep the tracks, hinges, and rollers protected. Perhaps it makes sense to pull the entire door apart and then install the track.
Garage Door Track Replacement New Haven
Installation of a track to garage doors can be complicated. This type of repair requires a trained professional. Professionals will not only have the expertise and experience necessary to properly align your track, but they also will work faster.

Garage Door Tracks: When should they be replaced?

Steel garage doors tracks can become corroded. Galvanizing garage door tracks to keep them from corrosion and rust is a good option. However, over time corrosion could occur. It happens because the track gets worn over time by chemicals, friction, and salt road salts. Rusted tracks cause their rollers to run less smoothly. Rusted tracks can weaken metals and make them more vulnerable. A garage door that has rusted tracks increases in danger with every passing year of weather changes. The garage door could be thrown onto cars, or become a danger if it is on a broken or fractured horizontal track. In the event of any corrosion, you should have your garage door tracks replaced.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

One of the most dangerous parts of a garage is its rollers. Schaefer Door Company is able to provide garage door repair in New Haven for damaged and broken rollers.

They are broken or the first to be replaced after installing new doors. Garage door rollers break frequently because of constant use. Even though they are meant to last for years, sometimes they break faster than they were intended. The result is a garage door that moves off of its tracks. Moving garage doors can cause damage to the rollers and pins. Because the door is in motion, this can be dangerous. Make sure to replace broken pins and/or rollers as quickly as you can every month.

The garage door panels are secured by the roller and pin. They direct the garage door’s opening and closing. A broken or damaged pin can weaken even further if you often keep your garage door open. Additional strain can result from a damaged or improperly attached panel. Other components could be damaged. You could damage the pins and/or rollers by adding weight.

Professional garage door techs will examine the status of your pins and roll. These professionals can give you advice on replacing them or waiting for them to wear out. An experienced garage door specialist will be able to explain to homeowners why the pins and rollers must be changed. The homeowner should speak with technicians before agreeing to repair the garage door.

Schaefer Door Company will repair or replace your garage door quickly and efficiently. The garage door can sound louder or more squeaky if it is damaged, misaligned, or badly aligned. We have fully-stocked vans that allow our technicians to repair garage doors right away.

Garage Door Roller Replacement New Haven

Garage Door Panel Replacements

Accidents happen and garage door panels get dinged, dented, or damaged. Weather and time can cause damage to the garage doors. The cost to replace an overhead door is well worth it as long as it functions and is efficient.
It's not necessary to get a brand new garage door just because your old one is damaged.
Garage Door Panel Replacements New Haven

Schaefer Door Company can make it simple. Every make and model is in stock. Schaefer Door Company Specialists can help save you time and speed up repairs.

Replacement panels can be ordered for aluminum and wooden garage doors. When it arrives, it will be installed. The garage door can also be installed with the exact color. However, if one is unavailable, it can still be painted to match the panels. Repainting your entire garage door can improve its curb appeal.

Our team can assist you with garage door replacements. Experts from our team will help you determine the size and type of garage door that best suits your needs. The garage door can be an excellent investment and will improve the curb appeal of your home.

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