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Garage Door Repair Lake St Louis

Schaefer Door Company offers garage door service and repair in Lake St. Louis.

Garage doors that fail to work can lead to damage to vehicles and could pose safety hazards. Schaefer Door Company has the ability to easily repair garage doors.

Schaefer Door Company can be trusted with many satisfied customers. Over 30 years of combined experience. Lake St. Louis’s homeowners and businesses have continued to trust us with their garage door needs. Service and repairs are available for garage doors.

Schaefer Door Company treats garage door repair and servicing very seriously. You should have garage doors that work at all hours. This is what we understand and how to make it happen. Garage doors add value to your home and offer security and protection for you, your family, and your guests. You can trust our garage door pros to keep your overhead garage doors in tip-top condition. Every garage door type can be serviced.

Schaefer Door Company Garage Door Repair Lake St Louis

Installers and technicians are qualified and trained by us to give quality services and products to every client.

Schaefer Door Company located in Lake St. Louis is your local expert on garage doors.

Trusted Repair Quality

Professionally Trained Technicians

Reliable Repair Services

Garage Door Repair

Can’t get your garage door to work? Your garage door makes loud, irregular noises when you push it. Are you able to get it to remain in the same place or do they move? Your door may catch on to a specific spot. Perhaps there is a problem with your door. Don’t you know how to replace it? 

Garage door problems could cause frustration for many days until they are resolved.

Schaefer Door Company provides expert services and repairs.

Garage doors in Lake St. Louis can be repaired by us.

The cost will often depend on what type of garage door you have in Lake St. Louis. Repairs can be made by our skilled technicians. Our technicians will give you a quote that covers labor as well as parts. No hidden charges, surprises, or slick sales techniques. Costs can vary according to the type and complexity of garage doors that need repair.

Garage Door Repair Lake St Louis
Garage Door Opener Repair Lake St Louis
Garage door openers: Common problems

Garage Door Opener Repair

Sometimes garage door openers don’t work properly and they can be fixed. Replacing a motor with a working one is much pricey than the cost of repairing it. You should repair it, not replace it. Garage door openers and garage doors can usually be repaired by our fully-stocked trucks.

Schaefer Door Company can help. Professional garage technicians can repair and diagnose nearly all types of problems.

While we are able to repair many garage doors, we are also able to replace many. So we are able to fix most garage doors, all of the parts can be found on our trucks. Repairs can be made to motors that meet UL325 standards even if they’re older models. 

In order to make your life easier, the garage door openers feature is always changing.

Modern openers work more efficiently today. It has fewer moving parts, and it is controlled often by one motherboard. An understanding of how garage doors operate together, and the possible solutions to problems with them is key to diagnosing them.

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Lake St Louis

Garage door springs can become worn out from temperature fluctuations and improper maintenance. Garage door springs should be replaced when they make clicking sounds or stop moving. Spring replacement without the appropriate training and equipment has been proven to be very dangerous. Schaefer Door Company’s experienced and professional technicians can complete this job safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Garage door springs come under tremendous stress over the years. You may notice a decline in spring strength or complete breakage after years of continuous use. The garage door may not be operable or the springs can break.

First, identify which type of garage spring system you have. Extension Springs, and Torsion Springs can be used to replace or repair your garage door springs.

Tension springs provide protection for the opening. These springs slip onto a metal barre. Extended springs are also available to help open the door. Make sure you find the right garage door services company to meet your needs. Schaefer Door Company’s professionally-trained technicians can work with both torsion spring and extension spring systems.

Remote & Keypad Programming

There are many things that can go wrong with your garage keypad. Schaefer Door Company’s technicians are available to assist you with any problems your garage door keypad may have. Each year thousands of Lake St. Louis residents rely on us for programming their garage doors. Whatever make, age, or model of garage doors you have, we are capable to program them.

Schaefer Door Company’s expertise and experience allow us to program every garage door keypad. Our experts will make sure that your keypad is fully functional and accessible to you quickly.

Remote & Keypad Programming Lake St Louis
Garage Door Sensor Repair & Alignment Lake St Louis

Garage Door Sensors Repair & Alignment

Without sensors, garage doors won’t function correctly. Both sensors work in conjunction. These sensors, as well as the garage door opener, work together. There may be issues with one or both.

These sensors for garage doors are included with nearly all garages. They can usually be mounted six inches from the ground. Garage doors can be closed on the person or pet by these devices. By placing something in front, like a roll of paper towels, you can check the functionality of your sensors. Schaefer Door Company is recommended for appointments if the sensor doesn’t stop smoothly before it breaks down the object.

You may find that the detectors have become out-of-line, and the garage door will stop closing even if it is blocked by something. A garage door that has electrical issues can become unresponsive and cause it to shut down mid-operation. You can expect minor issues to become major safety problems. You should immediately get it checked by an expert due to possible danger.

Our professionals are trained to examine garage door sensors, infrared beams, and other potential problems. We will examine the safety sensor wiring to see if there is any problem. Repairs or replacements of your sensors are possible if required. When your garage door has been properly serviced, you can close it. Our troubleshooting method will reveal the root cause. One way to damage a photoelectric lens, which is found in most garage doors, is by using a harsh force or humid environment. Sometimes small obstacles may cause problems that stop the sensor from operating correctly. You may also experience electrical problems due to poor or ragged wiring. 

Replacement Garage Door Parts

Our parts can be used to fix your garage, and we also sell replacement parts. Parts can be purchased at most hardware stores, but professional-grade products are recommended. This will let you choose the right part. Schaefer Door Company offers garage door repair parts that are high quality and affordable.

Garage Door Track Replacement

Garage door track repair in Lake St. Louis. Garage door tracks can become bent or out of alignment, making it impossible to open and close your garage doors. Schaefer Door Company’s professionals have the ability to quickly and professionally fix garage door tracks.

All overhead doors must have metal tracks in order to direct them from one position to the other. The metal tracks hold the wheels. The metal tracks are thin so that they don’t bend easily or can be damaged.

You may need to spend a long time replacing your garage door tracks. In order to replace a garage track entirely, take off one side and attach it securely enough to cover the rollers, tracks, hinges, track or other components. Sometimes it is a good idea to just take out the door, and put in the track.
Garage Door Track Replacement Lake St Louis
The installation of tracks on garage doors is not always easy. You should hire an expert who is skilled in this type repair. Professionals will know how to accurately align the track and are more likely to be efficient.

Garage Door Tracks Need to Be Repaired When?

Metal garage door tracks are susceptible to corrosion. The galvanized steel tracks for garage doors are more resistant to corrosion than the rusty ones. But, over time corrosion can still happen. Tracks are slowly being worn by chemicals, friction and road salts. They won’t be able to move as smoothly when the tracks are rusty. Rusted tracks may also make it more difficult to work with metals. As the weather cycles change, so does the chance of garage doors being used on tracks that are rusted. If the track becomes broken, it could cause garage doors to fall on cars or create other dangers. Garage door tracks that are rusty should be replaced.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

It is the garage door’s weakest link. Schaefer Door Company has a garage door repair service available in Lake St. Louis to replace or fix broken rollers.

Their constant use can cause garage door rollers to break, or even be damaged when installing a new door. These rollers are built to last for at least a couple of years. However, it is possible that they will break earlier than planned. You could end up with your garage door falling off its tracks. If the garage door is moving, it can damage its pins and rollers. These can cause danger as the garage door might be moving. It is important to inspect your door for pins or rollers that are broken every month. Replace them as soon and as often as you can.

For each garage door panel, a roller or pin is used to attach it to the tracks. They allow the panel to be opened or closed. A broken or damaged pin can weaken even further if you often keep your garage door open. An operator could be subject to the additional strain if the panel or doors aren’t correctly attached to the track. The garage door’s other components may be further damaged. Other weights can also cause problems with the pins or rolls.

Professional garage door experts will check the condition of your tracks and pins. Their professional garage door technicians will assess the condition of your pins and rollers. They’ll advise you whether it is better to have them replaced or to wait for their failure. Professional garage door repairmen will inform homeowners about the reasons their pins, and rollers are broken. It is important that homeowners ask their technicians questions before agreeing on repairs.

Schaefer Door Company pros will install your garage doors quickly and professionally. A garage door that is noisy, squeaky, or damaged can usually be caused by a misaligned roller. Garage door repair can be done quickly by our fully-stocked technicians.

Garage Door Roller Replacement Lake St Louis

Garage Door Panel Replacements

Accidents happen and garage door panels get dinged, dented, or damaged. There may be signs that your garage door is showing wear from weather conditions and the passage of time. You don’t have to spend a lot if your overhead door works well.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a completely new garage door if the old one breaks!
Garage Door Panel Replacements Lake St Louis

Schaefer Door Company makes things easy. All models and makes are in stock. Schaefer Door Company specialists can make repairs quicker and save you money.

Garage doors can have replacement panels made from aluminum or wood. It will arrive once we have installed it. One can also be ordered in the same color. In the event that one cannot be found, we’ll paint it to match your other garage doors. Repainting your entire garage can make your house or property look more attractive.

Also, we are able to assist with the replacement of your garage doors. You can trust our experts to help you decide the ideal size and style for your garage door. An overhead garage door will not only increase your home’s value but also transform the exterior of your home.

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