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Homeownership 101: 5 Different Types of Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repair St Peters

Your home provides you comfort and cares for you. It keeps your family warm and safe. Most of the time, it carries on, doing what you need it to do. Your furnace turns on to keep you warm. There is warm water coming out of the shower in the morning. 

Even the washer and dryer do their respective jobs. What happens when things like the grade door stop doing their job? You probably pay very little attention to your garage door, until at least it stops working properly.

What kind of garage door repairs might your garage door need? Read on for the most common garage door repairs you might need for your home.

1. Garage Door Spring

One important part of your garage door operating smoothly is the garage door spring. It is what makes the door go up and down. If suddenly you find your door is very heavy or makes a lot of noise when it goes up and down, you likely have a spring problem.

Note the garage door spring is not part of the garage door opener, but instead part of the actual door operations.

The spring in your garage door gets a lot of wear and tear as it opens and closes day after day. Over time, the spring experiences wear and can break. 

While this is not a major garage door repair and you can get the spring fixed. However, this is the type of repair that should be done by a professional versus attempting a DIY repair.

2. Garage Door Track Issues

Your garage door track is what the garage door rides on as it goes up and down day after day. For years and years, it can do this without fail. Until the track gets a bend or a crack, then the track is unable to move on the track. 

This is another repair best left to a professional garage door service. The technician can evaluate your garage door track. In some cases, it might have moved or only need a slight adjustment. In other cases, the track needs to be replaced. 

Unfortunately, your garage door is not operational without a working garage door track, so it’s one of those repairs that must be done. 

3. Garage Door Cable Problems

Like the spring the garage door cables work together to raise and lower the garage door. When the spring is not working, the door will not go up or down. The same is true for the cable that works with the spring.

The cable actually works in conjunction with the spring. The cables connect the spring to the door so it can raise and lower. 

With time, the cables will wear down and fray and break. Like many garage door repairs, this is one best left to a professional. If this repair is not done correctly or it is placed incorrectly, the door cable can snap and cause real injury to a person or damage to other components of the garage door.

4. Garage Door Replacement

It’s happened to the best of us going in or out of the garage. You forget the door is down and start to back up. Maybe you pull in, a bit distracted by being the comfort of being home, and get a little too close to the garage door, giving your door a dent or a scrape.

Or maybe one of your kids gets too aggressive while shooting baskets or practicing their tennis swing and your garage door takes the impact of it. 

You might be thinking it’s necessary to replace your entire garage door. Actually, if only a panel of your garage door is damaged, it’s possible to replace a single panel of the garage door to save some expense. If the rest of the door looks good and is functioning well, why replace the whole thing.  

A garage door panel replacement can be done by a garage door company and your garage is back to looking good as new. 

5. Safety Sensors

An important safety feature of your garage door automatically opening and closing is the safety sensors. This prevents the garage door from closing on something and causing damage or harm if there is something in the path of the garage door. 

If you have ever tried to close your garage door only to have it stop unexpectedly, you know how these sensors work. Sometimes, it might seem like the garage door is stopping itself when, in fact, there is nothing in its path. 

It could mean that the safety sensors have been bumped or moved to cause them to be misaligned. This is a simple repair requiring those sensors to get lined back up correctly with your garage door’s movement. It’s also an important one because you don’t want those sensors not working properly and the garage door closing on something or someone.

Get the Garage Door Repairs You Need 

There is nothing like trying to get the garage door to close (or open) and find that it won’t cooperate. You want your garage door to what it’s supposed to do. You want to pull your car out of the garage and get yourself onto the day. 

So, when you find yourself with a broken garage door, it can be frustrating. Most garage door repairs are not DIY kinds of repairs. When you need garage door repairs, you need a garage door professional. 

We can help with both garage door maintenance and garage door repairs. Contact us today so we can get your garage door working in the best working order.